The Greatest Pagan Metal Album of 2023

If you’ve been searching far and low for the year’s finest pagan metal record, your search is now over. The year 2023 has seen some fantastic releases in the genre, but one, in particular, stands out as a must-listen for any fan of music that is dark and heavy.

This year, “The Witching Hour” by Hellebore, a Swedish band, has emerged as one of the most memorable songs. This album is unadulterated blackened doom metal; it combines crushing riffs with gloomy atmospherics to create an extremely powerful audio experience that can be found on the album. The songs on the CD range in tempo from slow to medium, with some occasional faster passages tossed in for good measure. Each song expands upon the sound of the one that came before it, providing an immersive trip through gloom and despondency.

Another excellent album that was released in 2018 is “Blood Of The Moon,” which was created by the Norwegian band Ereb Altor. This album is a little bit different from Hellebore. It has a sound that is more melodic and influenced by folk music, but it still has a hard edge to it. This album is enjoyable to listen to even when taken out of the context of pagan metal due to the abundance of epic guitar solos and soaring vocal parts that are included throughout.

The last track is “Dawn Of A Dark Age” by Heidevolk, a band from the Netherlands. This album is full of traditional Scandinavian folk elements combined with thundering heavy metal riffs to produce a unique mixture of styles that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of both genres. This album is full of traditional Scandinavian folk influences combined with heavy metal riffs. It also includes several guest performances from members of well-known bands such as Moonsorrow, which makes it an even more interesting album to listen to.

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The year 2023 has been, without a doubt, one of the most phenomenal years in the history of pagan metal fans everywhere. There is something here for everyone who like severe music with a mystical edge, from Hellebore’s attack of gloomy doom to Ereb Altor’s melodic take on the genre to Heidevolk’s blend of folk and metal influences. Hellebore, Ereb Altor, and Heidevolk are all examples. Therefore, in order to ensure that you do not miss out on these incredible releases, purchase your copies as soon as possible.